New Electric Fuse Box and Fuse Board Upgrades

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Fuseboard Upgrade

A New 12 Way RCD Protection Consumer Unit, Supplied, Installed And Certified For £395

Central Electrics are specialists in replacing fuse boxes to modern safe consumer units for homeowners throughout Coventry and Warwickshire.

By upgrading to a modern safe consumer unit or Fuse Board, you will have the essential residual-current device, RCD, that provides additional protection for your home and family. With the inclusion of mini circuit breakers they provide crucial protection to each circuit throughout your home in case of danger from an electrical fault or electricity surge.

Many people assume that because their lights come on when they flick the switch everything is OK but this is not necessarily the case says Steve Friel from Central Electrics says ‘Just because everything works when you switch it on doesn’t mean the wiring behind the walls is safe. Wire which has been in your house for over 25 years should be replaced and your fuse box should have a device which will switch everything off if there is a fault. If you don’t have one of these and you have old wires, you are at risk’.

We use more and more electrical devices so ensuring that your wiring is safe and able to safely supply your electrical needs is really important.

Our specialist electricians will remove your old consumer unit and replace it with are recommended 12 way consumer with RCD protection and certified to NIC EIC standards for a fixed price of £395 backed by our customer promise. This price includes VAT.

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