Fusebox Awareness Campaign

Fuseboard Upgrades With RCD Protectection

We are pleased to launch our campaign warning of the dangers of out of date electrical equipment. Central Electrics owner Steve Friel has launched the campaign to spread awareness of the dangers of old wiring and fuseboxes which have the potential to cause fire in the home. Steve says ‘I have recently had to re-wire a house which had been gutted by fire. The fire started because the wiring in the house was old and worn out and this caused a fault. Luckily, no one was hurt but it could have been much worse’.

Many people assume that because their lights come on when they flick the switch everything is ok but this is not necessarily the case says Steve ‘Just because everything works when you switch it on doesn’t mean the wiring behind the walls is safe. Wire which has been in your house for over 25 years should be replaced and your fusebox should have a device which will switch everything off if there is a fault. If you don’t have one of these and you have old wires, you are at risk’.

Every year in the UK 70 people die and 350,000 are injured as a result of electrical accidents in the home and half of all accidental fires in the home are caused by electricity. Many of these fires could have been prevented if an RCD had been in place. Steve explains ‘An RCD is a safety device fitted on fuseboxes which automatically shuts off the power to an electrical circuit if a fault is detected. This could prevent you or your family from being electrocuted or a fire from starting’. RCD’s also detect faulty appliances which are a major cause of fire in the UK.

Free 10 Point Safety Check

As part of our campaign, we are offering a FREE 10-point safety check for anyone concerned about their electrical system. The check will include a test of your fusebox and wiring as well as other equipment which could potentially be unsafe. Steve says ‘We are trying to raise awareness of this problem because people don’t tend to think about their electrical system as they would about, say, their carpets or curtains because you can’t see it.

I hope never to have to go to another house which has been ruined by fire and I hope people will take advantage of our offer of a free check. For peace of mind if nothing else!’

To book your free safety check call us today on 024 7627 0096.